Top 4 Gin Blogs

gin blogs

Those that are into craft gin would have found themselves in a wonderful world of their own, with many blogs dedicated to all the best gins in the world. Here are some of the most informative and best gin blogs out there.

Gin Monkey  is run by blogger Vince Pumphrey, who will give you an almost unrivalled passion for all things gin related. The Gin Basics part of his blog is very useful for anyone wanting to get started mixing cocktails or looking for tips on buying bottles at their local liquor store. His Classified section lists every known gin produced around the world, along with where it comes from and what its typical taste is like. He also has sections about distilled spirits other than just gin, such as vodka and whisky, as well as a section for non-alcoholic refreshments too.

Sipsmith Gin  is the official blog for London's first copper-pot distillery to open since 1820, Sipsmith. It is run by Master Distiller Jared Brown who posts several times each week about all things gin related. There are plenty of recipes using Sipsmith gins and articles about how their products are made along with some interesting cocktails too. The site also includes giveaways giving people the chance to win free product samples or tickets to special events they might be holding throughout the year.

This Craft Gin Club blog  is run by blogging duo Stu & Garry who started their website back in 2010. Their mission is to spread the word about great UK craft gin distilleries while showing off some of their finest single-batch tipples. Posts are written on at least a weekly basis so there will always be new stories for you to read here, along with details about giveaways they might have coming up or other special events that might interest you. They also give plenty of advice about food pairing and what gin to use in cocktails too.

Gin Foundry  is a blog which focuses on providing you with all the best gins from around the world as well as all the key events happening in this area. They also have a selection of great articles for those looking to learn more about gin production, classic recipes from history or even tips for making your own homemade tonic water. There are plenty of giveaways coming up over time so keep an eye out on their site if you're interested in winning some new bottles to add to your collection at home!

We hope you enjoyed our list of top 4 gin blogs. If you think we missed any great sites then let us know in the comments section below.