How To Host A Home Cocktail Party

home cocktail party

Hosting home cocktail parties is a great way to build relationships with your neighbours, meet new people, and create memories for years to come. If you are planning on hosting home cocktail party this year, here are some tips that can help you have the best home cocktail party possible.

- Prepare -

1) Create guest lists

The key to hosting home cocktail parties lies in your ability to find connections between people in your network. Think of everyone's interests, careers, hobbies, family situations/relationships, etc., and try connecting dots between not only individuals but also groups of people. Your home cocktail party will be more successful if guests enjoy meeting each other so think about pairing similar types of people together. If you want an home cocktail party that is a huge success, make sure to create a guest list and check it twice!

2) Gather up all supplies

When planning for home cocktail parties, it's easy to forget about those small yet important aspects such as napkins, coasters, cutlery and crockery. By gathering up all party supplies beforehand, you'll be able to spend more time mingling.

- During -

1) Serve home cocktail party snacks

Even the best parties can lose their home made touch if your guests are starving by the end of it. That doesn't mean you need to make a seven course meal but serving up some appetizers or light snacks is an easy way to keep your guests happy.

2) Keep drinks flowing

What's a cocktail party without cocktails?? We have a bunch of amazing cocktail recipes that you can use to wow your guests and get the party started.

3) Remember desserts!

Just because home cocktail parties aren't about the food doesn't mean they don't need an awesome finish. Bringing out home made desserts is a great way to end what was already a successful party and set all guests up for round two (and three and four ...). Home made ice cream, baked goods or anything sweet will do the trick!

We hope you found these tips useful.

Good luck!