How To Drink Gin Liqueur

how to drink gin liqueur

How To Drink Gin Liqueur...

The use of the gin is simple, but how to use it is not always that obvious. You just can not drink it like "normal" alcohol!

The name Gin comes from the city of Dort in Germany. There is a river called Ginster-Aa which gained its fame because of the juniper berries growing on its banks. Juniper was one of the main ingredients used when making Dutch jenever - or genever - so the French language changed the word into "genièvre". The English changed it again and came up with "gin".

How to drink Gin liqueur:

First you need a good and sturdy glass. No need to buy anything expensive; just ask around for something that looks like this:

gin glass

And then, how you drink it is very simple, but how to use gin liqueur takes some practice. First you put 3 ice cubes in the glass (the large ones from your freezer compartment). Then pour the Gin over the ice cubes. And finally add tonic water or soda water - depending on how sour you like it. If you want it even more sour, add citric acid instead of soda water or tonic water - be careful with how much! You can also experiment with making your own tonic-water by adding quinine powder... but let's not get ahead of ourselves here!

And then it's time to enjoy the Gin!