Doghouse Distillery was established in Battersea in late 2016 , and is the only full turn-key distillery in London. We chose Battersea as our home due to its industrial history and grungy vibe.

Doghouse has a full micro-brewery, 3 rectification columns (a total height of 21m) and a 1500 litre copper pot still. We are one of the few distilleries that make our base spirit from scratch aka we do things the hard way! We currently make four core spirits - Renegade Gin, Baller Vodka, Baller ‘Chilli Bacon’ Vodka and Doppelgänger Aperitivo. Our 5th core spirit (whisky) is currently in production!

And why Doghouse? “Doghouse” to us reflects an underlying vibe of good times, passion and innovation, with a hint of rebellion. If you enjoy a drink or two then it’s likely you have spent some of your life ‘in the Doghouse’, and if you come on a night out with us, you’re certainly going to end up there!

In the Doghouse we are passionate about doing things ‘properly’. We like to have control over the whole process, to be accountable when it comes to uniqueness and quality, and to master what we have learnt is a rare trade!

We source all of our grain locally, the majority of which comes from farms in Norfolk. We buy in whole grain and then mill it onsite, mash it in our brewery to release sugars before pitching yeast which kicks off fermentation turning this wort into beer.

Our process varies slightly depending on what spirit we are making and this is where the art comes in and trying to take a different approach (not taken by others before) to create something novel. And the spirits really do speak for themselves.. we have won numerous gold and silver medals from various awards.

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll..
Everything we do at Doghouse is inspired by music, if you think about it if you are drinking you are generally listening to music. Each of our core spirits has it’s own genre of music and it’s own style of art.

Our Renegade Gin is basically Rock ‘n’ roll in a bottle, our Baller Vodka is born of Hip Hop and Rap, our Doppelgänger Aperitivo is all about House music and our whisky which is currently in production, will be Blues Rock..

We also thought calling each of our brands Doghouse gin, Doghouse vodka, Doghouse whisky etc would be boring. It would be like calling all of your children the same name. Instead, Doghouse is their “surname” or family name if you like, but they each have a unique character and personality relating to Doghouse and the particular music genre that has inspired them.

There are so many things that make Doghouse, Doghouse. From the music we listen to, the people who work with us, the art we like, the drinks we make (and drink). At the heart of it all is a desire to be true to ourselves, to pay no heed to how things should be done or how things have always been done before.

We are inspired by those across the centuries that pushed the boundaries and broke the rules and consequently changed life for the better! From musicians, to activists, to politicians, to inventors, to distillers!

As one of our favourites said:

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

Steve Jobs