Different Types Of Vodka

different types of vodka

Vodka is a clear distilled alcoholic drink made from wheat, rye or potatoes. Vodka's different types are based on the different ingredients used to make them.

Type 1: Potato Vodka

A Russian distillateur named Dr. Vladimir Bodraj was the first to patent his recipe for potato vodka in the mid-1800s. He sold it in pharmacies as medicine that would relieve headaches and help people sleep better. Nowadays, this spirit is enjoyed by many people around the world who are looking for something different than traditional grain vodkas. In general, production of potato vodka tends to be more expensive because potatoes have less starch content than grains do and require extensive preparation to extract it from the vegetable itself - including peeling and shredding. Once the starch is removed, it's mixed with yeast or bacteria. Then, different types of potatoes are used to produce different results from different regions. Potatoes from Idaho typically have a higher starch content for use as a base in making vodka.

Type 2: Wheat Vodka

In Poland and other areas of eastern Europe, an ingredient called "millet" is added to give wheat vodka a smoother texture that makes it different from potato vodkas. Wheat grows plentifully in this area and has been used as a staple food for centuries because it was relatively easy to grow and to store during times when crops might die because of poor weather conditions. The increased popularity of wheat-based alcohols such as beer helped make its production more commercially viable.

Type 3: Fruit Vodka

Fruit vodkas are different types of vodka that use different kinds of fruits as their base. Some popular ones include blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. The taste tends to be sweeter than other vodkas because they don't contain any grains or potatoes. In most cases, different types of fruit go through the same process used in making traditional vodka, but sometimes juice from the type of fruit being used is added prior to distillation for a different flavour combination.

Type 4: Flavoured Vodka

Different types of flavoured vodka are created by adding different flavours after distillation or during the manufacturing process to give it a unique taste different from its regular version. Popular examples chocolate, vanilla and coconut among others.

Final Word

So there you have it - an insight into the different types of Vodkas. All different types of vodka are different in their own way. Each type has different ingredients that give it a different flavour and different types of alcohol drinkers who prefer different types of vodka.