Top 5 Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipes

moscow mule cocktail

The Moscow Mule cocktail is a classic drink made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime. The result is an easy-to-drink concoction that has both sweet and spicy notes. Today we're providing five recipe variations of the Moscow Mule that you'll love!

1. Classic Moscow Mule recipe: 2 oz vodka, 1 oz ginger beer, lime wedge

2. Peachy Moscow Mule recipe: 2 oz vodka, peach schnapps, ginger beer, lime wedge

3. Cranberry ginger Moscow Mule recipe: 2 oz vodka, cranberry juice, ginger beer, lime wedge

4. Cherry vanilla Moscow Mule recipe: 2 oz vodka, cherry syrup, vanilla extract, ginger beer, lime wedge

5. Pumpkin spice Moscow Mule recipe: 2 oz vodka, pumpkin spice liqueur, ginger beer, lime wedge

If you’ve never tried a Moscow Mule, now is your chance! Moscow Mules are one of the most refreshing cocktails out there - the perfect drink during these summer months. These recipes are perfect for hosting parties or just enjoying at home with friends because not only do they taste delicious, but their ingredients can easily be bought in bulk to make preparation easier on busy nights when time is short.

Why not give each of the five great variations a try this summer and find which one you prefer best? You can also explore many more cocktails here. Let us know in the comments below!