British Drinking Culture

british drinking culture

The British drinking culture is known to be one of heavy social drinking. The British are firm believers in the idea that enjoying drinks with friends is a part of British culture, whether it be at home or in public establishments such as pubs and bars. Drinking in British pubs was popularised in the 12th century when locals would drink ale for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Originally started out of necessity when water wasn't safe to drink, brits drank ale because it provided much needed hydration while tasting good enough to enjoy repeatedly.

It became an important part of British society so much so that laws were made to govern the practice of drinking alcohol in Britain during this period. Early laws regulated when British citizens could drink alcohol. For example, they weren't allowed to drink on certain days of the week or during hours that British pubs were typically closed.

The British drinking culture makes Britain one of the world's most popular travel destinations for people looking to enjoy nightlife activities like pub crawling and bar hopping because there are plenty of options available within walking distance. Some pubs remain open until 4 am six days a week, while others close at 11 pm.

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