Benefits Of Vodka

benefits of vodka

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world based on the amount sold yearly. Vodka becomes more and more popular as well as improving its quality which leads to safer consumption. However, benefits of vodka were forgotten long ago and this spirit has been used only for enjoying or partying instead of taking advantage of these benefits that might improve our everyday life.

Before talking about benefits of vodka, we must explain how it's made: Vodka benefits come from this spirit only when it is unadulterated and pure which means that vodka should be made out of grains or potatoes. It should not contain any additives such as sugars, fruit flavours or glycerin. Of course, if you choose to buy vodka online do not forget to check its ingredients list first. Now let's talk about benefits of vodka you can get in your everyday life:

1. You Can Use It To Get Rid Of Acne

One of benefits of vodka is that it's great for getting rid of acne. You can get rid of pimples and other skin imperfections using vodka since it kills the bacteria that cause infection.

You just need to apply some vodka on your face with a cotton pad and let it stay there for about 15 minutes. After this, you should wash your face with water or, if you want an even better result, to use viscous lidocaine instead.

2. It Can Heal Wounds

Another benefit of vodka is that it can heal wounds; all you have to do is to apply some vodka on the wound or affected area plus cover the area with a bandage. However, you should not apply vodka on deep wounds containing pieces of flesh or any other foreign bodies since it can dry them out and make things worse.

3. It Contains Iron - One Teaspoon Of Vodka Provides A Woman With Her Daily Dosage Of This Mineral

Not only does this spirit provides women with an adequate daily dosage of iron but it can also boost production or red blood cells according to experts at AARP.

4. Benefits For Joints

If you suffer from arthrosis, vodka will help you with this problem since it improves the production of collagen and lubricates joints.


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