Are you old enough to order a gin and a tonic in a bar?

In the doghouse

Doghouse Distillery is an independent grain distillery located in Battersea, London. Doghouse has a full micro-brewery, 3 rectification columns (a total height of 21m) and a 1500 litre copper pot still.

In the Doghouse, we are pioneering ‘grain to bottle’ gin and vodka in London, being the first distillery in recent years to make gin from scratch, and one of only a handful at this stage in the whole of the UK.

The idea of creating a grain distillery arose in the mind of our ‘Head Hydrator’, Braden, back in 2014. And it took three years and a shit tonne of hard work to get to us production in late 2017!

Why grain to bottle?

Many distilleries buy in a 96% neutral grain alcohol and start their gin making process from there. In the Doghouse we are passionate about handcrafting each and every one of our products from scratch. We want to do this to control their uniqueness and quality and to master what we have learnt is a rare trade!

We have started with our gin, Renegade made at the distillery using our own base spirit. Next to come will be our vodka, Baller. And it won’t stop with gin and vodka! At the end of our journey we will be true grain distillers capable of producing many interesting products all from the primary raw material, from scratch.


“Doghouse” to us reflects an underlying vibe of good times, passion and innovation, with a hint of rebellion.

Aside from a passion for quality products, you may have gotten the idea by now that we like to be different in the Doghouse. In fact one of mantras is “out with tradition and in with the new”.

We are inspired by those across the centuries that pushed the boundaries and broke the rules and consequently changed life for the better! From musicians, to activists, to politicians, to inventors, to distillers.

As one of our favourites said:

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

Steve Jobs

And our plan is to build strong links with the London live music, street art and food scenes developing a cultural infusion of all things local, passionate and expressive in life. (In fact want to colab with us in some way send us an email here.)

For us it is the convergence of community and art in the new age, capturing friends, music, booze and good times without rules!

In the Doghouse

where we live!