Wicked Piece of Streetart a while back from a Netherlands

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We commissioned this wicked piece of streetart a while back from a Netherlands based artist, Klaas Van Der Linden. We didnt scope the art, we simply asked the artist to tell us what they wanted to do after reviewing our brands and culture.

The below was the result! 💀


Ironically, it reminds me of how impossibly hard it can be to escape the Doghouse at times! 👀 ⛏

We want the walls filled with art at Doghouse Distillery and are looking forward to getting some more pieces up soon. 😃

Streetart has a special place in our hearts as, in its essence, it is the graduation of illegal Graffiti. There are fewer more expressive and free forms of art than Graffiti and we are glad for these artists who light up some of the boring concrete walls within which we live, with flashes of their brilliance and colour! 🌈🙏

A natural art gallery for those less privileged which we think is pretty rad. 👇👇 🤙

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