Water & Distilling

Tyrone Staben

The debate re water used in distilling often amuses me…

Ever wondered why most older distilleries are built next to river banks or reservoirs? No, it’s not for using this pristine water to create amazing spirits. It is because the distillation process itself uses shed loads of water.💧

Right, let’s dispel one myth. Some brands, many big ones, make a big deal out of where their water comes from. A marketing gimmick! First and foremost, where is the source of the water in relation to the distillery? If you are really buying “glacier water” from Antarctica and transporting it across the globe to dilute your spirit because its “pristine” – time for a lobotomy? A demin/reverse osmosis plant can convert rubbish water into pure water on site.🌍

Bottling spirit uses a tiny fraction of water used in distillation. Spade a spade, process water use is one of the largest non-environmental parts of distilling. Yet packaging improvements seem to lead the headlines for sustainability. At least we make our own alcohol, so we have total control over our process, water efficiency and recyclability. Both our heating and cooling water systems are being 100% recycled.

At Doghouse Distillery we are not perfect. But we are committed.💚


So, when people ask me what water we use?

Answer: Thames – and proud!

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