Vodka | The Facts

Tyrone Staben

Vodka is under-rated in my eyes but I am of course biased. I say that from both degree of difficulty to manufacture and its versatility and variety if you really bother to drill into the category.🧐

A few vodka facts by definition for general interest:

- vodka, strictly speaking, is to be made from cereals (eg wheat, barley, etc) or potatoes;

- it can be made from other raw materials, but if so, it must state this in a clear format, ie Grape Vodka, in a prominent position and in the same field as the term "vodka" on the label;

- must be 37.5% ABV or higher;

- it cannot be coloured

Vodka is normally filtered with active carbon in order to make it neutral/tasteless removing all the esters and other compounds produced from fermentation. It also means you lose texture, stripping away the silkiness of a great unfiltered vodka. If you make vodka to high purity, like we do (using column fractionation to greater than 96%), then most of these impurities disappear anyway leaving a lovely vodka with subtle aroma and character that is super silky in mouthfeel. Why filter? ☠

A Black Dog Martini is traditionally a white rum based martini and given our Baller Vodka's character, we think it makes the perfect Black Dog -any excuse right!

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