The Evolution of Doghouse Distillery

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The evolution of Doghouse Distillery has come full circle with the commencement of our whisky production in early 2021 🌐

Finally we will be viewed as we had originally intended. As a multi-category grain distillery, rather than a "gin company". 🙏😊

Many people doubted our decision to invest in equipment, time and R&D to build what is the first full turnkey distillery set up in London. Why bother making vodka from scratch they said, when you can buy it like everyone else and take the easy road. Just do that, release a gin and spend your money on marketing...well, they are right, that is an easier and more fruitful path in the early years. We are still grinding hoping to prove them wrong. 😤😤👊

However, turning our hand to milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, cutting, redistilling, blending and making base alcohol, the hard way and well (from grain, from scratch), has taught us so much. Without the skills honed over the last years and lessons learnt from our trials and tribulations we couldn't possibly truly understand our craft. This complete understanding will - we bloody well hope!! - allow us now to make something truly interesting and special in the whisky arena. 🚀🚀🚀

We look forward to you being the judge...😉🥃

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