Sloe Miniature Gin Gift Set

Jarod Guthrie

Let it Sloe, Let it Sloe, Let it Sloe: Gin-credible Gift Sets Need a fabulous and tasteful gift for a liqueur enthusiast? Then splurge on an insta-chic gin gift. With rich aromatics, botanicals and ripe sloe berries, your Christmas gift will be bursting with flavour and good cheer. Packaged in delightful gift sets, Doghouse Distillery will add a spiritual touch and delicious spin to your traditional Christmas present. And the best part? They won’t be regifted! Bewitching Sloe Gin Christmas Baubles Price: £12.95 It will be hard to find a sassier Christmas bauble in the UK. Each bewitching Sloe Gin Christmas Bauble contains a 5 cl (50 ml) miniature of a smooth, “grain to glass” sloe gin made by Doghouse Distillery in Battersea. Rich, smooth and perfectly balanced, this one’s a flavour bomb. Snugly encased in a Christmas bauble, and wrapped in a gift box, buy a single one or all four baubles to make your Christmas decor gift equally naughty and nice. Sassy Sloe Mini Gin Set Price: £14.95 A perfect present for someone who enjoys gin tipples, if you don’t want to indulge in a full-sized bottle, the 5cl (50 ml) miniature sloe gin gift sets will come in handy. Pouring a deep, ruby red, Sidewayz Sloe Gin is a delicate liqueur that’s sweet and easy-drinking. Elegantly presented in a Doghouse gift box, this Mini Gift Set with two 5 cl (50 ml) miniatures and a funky bottle opener, makes for a snazzy gift. Choose from a fruit-forward Sidewayz Sloe Gin, a tarty Damson Sidewayz Gin or the masterpiece, Renegade Gin. This classic winter tipple, Sidewayz Sloe Gin is the result of a maverick experiment by the craftsmen at Doghouse Distillery. By macerating Norfolk sloe berries in the award-winning, smooth and subtle Renegade Gin, they created this masterpiece. With plummy, rich, fruity flavours and botanicals, this sloe gin adds a delicious touch to classic gin cocktails like Sloe Gin Spritzers and Mulled Sloe Gin. With a lower alcohol content at 26%, this easy-drinking sloe gin is sweet and tarty, yet delicately balanced with juniper and herbal notes. Crafted by London’s pioneering ‘grain to bottle’ independent distillery, Doghouse Distillery handcrafts each batch, making it intimate, balanced and very limited edition. Can’t wait to get started on your Christmas shopping? Armed with these flavourful gift suggestions for gin aficionados, indulge in a round yourself! After all, by buying these miniature gin gift sets, you have also supported London’s own ground-breaking bar and distillery, Doghouse Distillery. Cheers to that!

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