Doppelgänger is an Italian style “Aperitivo”

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Doppelgänger is an Italian style “Aperitivo” by Doghouse Distillery. Though we make it in London, it is built on pure Italian tradition in its creation. The way these products have been made for centuries is still very much top secret and they are extremely hard to make.

The desire to create this product came from spending time doing just that, 'aperitivo'. Although the Italian tradition of aperitivo, is known as a drink plus light meal at the end of the day which prepares your stomach for dinner. It gets the juices flowing, which is why the strong use of citrus, herbs and bitter botanicals in their construction. Lets face it, we love any excuse to start drinking early in the afternoon on a sunny day! 🍹⛱💥

They are often referred to as “amaro” being the Italian word for bitter but this category encompasses Digestivo (post dinner) also, where Doppelganger is a true Aperitivo. The modern day aperitivo is thought to have been invented by the distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who also created one of the first vermouths in Turin in 1786. 🙏

I would like to take this moment to thank our great mate and first bar manager Fabiano Pilati for sharing his love of aperitivo, the many drinks and laughs and starting us on the journey.👊

We are pumped Doppelgänger has arrived, grazie!🤘

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