Doghouse Defender - Hand Sanitiser Gel

Jarod Guthrie

the defender hand sanitiser

At Doghouse Distillery we dont do anything by halves! 👊

We are 110% committed to quality in everything we do. Doghouse DEFENDER our alcohol hand sanitiser gel, released as part of the Covid-19 crisis, is no different. ⚔💯

Are you aware that many hand sanitiser's in the market have not been tested for their ability to kill bacteria and/or viruses. This is despite the natural assumption that any 'sanitiser' is expected to protect...with safety at the forefront of everyone's mind we didn't think this was good enough!

Doghouse DEFENDER has been independently lab tested and certified to meet both European Standard 1276 (anti-bacterial activity) and European Standard 14476 (anti-viral activity including Covid-19).

Our proprietary gel formulation is also less messy and more practical for using while mobile, meaning less waste than using a liquid sanitiser. 🙂

It's well priced too!

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