Chili Bacon Vodka

Jarod Guthrie

“Drink the best Bloody Mary in the world, or I'll eat your souls...” 👹👀

Some of you might remember the greatest and best song in the world by Tenacious D, “Tribute”. Thank you Jack Black. 🤘🙏  If you don’t, please stream it tonight and consider living alternatives to the rock. The starting line to this post was taken from a line from this track and reworded slightly.

The song reminds me of how sometimes things just happen to be. And in the case of our Baller “Chilli Bacon” Vodka which is the world's first and only chilli bacon vodka, it was a similar story. It just so happened to be the greatest and best and only. 🌶🥓🌏

A long time ago, me and my brother Kyle (no, his name is Aaron actually!) were camping and eating Heinz baked beans and diced crispy bacon cooked over an open fire with our Dad in the great outdoors Downunder, loving life. 🦘☀️🇦🇺🦘

Tomato and bacon = Winning. 🍅🥓 Metaphorical seed planted.

Fast forward 15 years and I am Bloody Mary Yoda (self proclaimed of course) having drunk them across the globe for breakfast, lunch, arvo tea, dinner, in clubs, pubs, on beaches, you get the point. 🕗🕛🕓🕚 I literally couldn’t get enough of them for a while. Then one fateful night in Vegas, Nevada, I had one with a big streak of bacon as garnish – BOOM. 🧨💥💥

Tomato and bacon and spice = Double Winning. 🍅🥓🌶

Fast forward another 15 years and Doghouse Distillery creates, Baller Vodka, the greatest and best vodka in the world (tribute). So adding to the mix, I just so happen to have stumbled upon the mighty Mexican grown Habanero. The greatest and best Chilli in the world - full of aroma, flavour and itself.  Perfect, as we source only the best.  ☠🌶🌶🌶☠

But what about the bacon…can we distil it? Yes, but not the best idea, too fatty. Can we macerate with it? Maybe but is that food safe? Doubt it. So I just started eating bacon and throwing back shots of vodka…later that night after a few more beers and a couple of cheeky negroni while watching an 80s horror movie with one eye open, the penny dropped…we could use BLAH to give us the bacon (and its vegan too). BLAH being our top secret ingredient which creates an incredible sweet, maple, smoky goodness – it screams bacon and smoke.  🥓🥓😋

So we put it altogether (Baller Vodka, Habanero and BLAH and waited)…"the 💣"

Bacon and spice but no tomato = almost BOOYAH. But will it work in a Bloody Mary? 🥃🤔

Fast forward to the greatest and best Bloody Mary in the world. This is not a tribute, it just so happens to be...🔥🔥🔥🌡

Infinite winning! ♾ 🏁


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