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I could have made this pic alot better quality, cropped and flexed to make it more curated, added a filter perhaps...etc. But is that what the person in the pic was thinking? No chance! 🎸💥😤😤

One of the lesser known elements of Doghouse is our ethos and culture. This is the case cause our message is new and still forming with our recognition being primarily organic to this point. Our focus til now very much centred on making shit, and doing it well.😊

Fact is we are born of music! We drink music. Everything we do at Doghouse including all of our brand inspiration is a convergence of booze and music. If we aren't enjoying both together, what is there? We aren't saying that to be cool, its just how we are built, how we get up in the morning and what keeps us going when everyone has gone home at night. 🙏 🙏🖤 What inspires you?

This pic was taken using my phone and is a poster on the wall next to my desk at work. The wall is covered in music posters and for those who recognise the album, it is Sonic Temple released in 1989 by The Cult, a British rock band. I was 13 at the time and it wasn't until 1994 at age 18 that I really found a love for this album and band (while at uni), exposed to them through my older bro. They are still one of the greats! 🤘👌

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