Baller Vodka In A League Of Its Own

Tyrone Staben

Baller is a label inspired by rap and hip hop music and the perseverance and tenacity of an underdog. With a twist of arrogance. 😉🏀


Many rap and hip hop stars came from nothing to stardom like the pro basketball players of the 80's and 90's where the word, Baller, first originated and became popular in urban culture. A 'pro baller' was shortened to a 'baller' who at the time was someone who flaunted their riches mainly because they previously had none. This generally came with an attitude to boot as they were typically top of their 'game'. 🤑

Baller also happens to be in a league of its own (well at least it thinks so!!) as it is one of only a few vodkas made from scratch across the entire UK. It also happens to be the only vodka made from scratch in London and using a fractionating column. We make it by pot distilling once and then distilling once through our 21m vodka fractionating column. None of this triple distilled or six times distilled nonsense. 🙄

It is made from 100% pure wheat from Norfolk, England. Distilled in Battersea from grain. 🌾🍸

We like to think one day we might be famous but for now we will settle for being the underdog! Lots more work to do!⚡🤜🤛

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