An Often Overlooked Part of Distilling is Fermentation.

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An often overlooked part of distilling is fermentation. This is because it isn't really that sexy! Or is it?!

Fermentation, put simply, is the step between the brewing and distillation of a raw material where we add yeast which subsequently consume the sugar to create alcohol and CO2. At Doghouse Distillery we distil vodka (#Baller) from a pure wheat fermentation.

By and large, your fermentation process is dictated by the type of booze you are trying to create - that is, what category of spirit, be it vodka, rum, whisky, etc.

Making a clear, unaged spirit, like vodka, requires a very precise and controlled fermentation (unlike for whisky and rum). This results in a cleaner end spirit characterised by subtle flavours and aromas as opposed to those desired when fermenting for whisky/rum. Whisky/rum fermentation on the other hand involves less control but at the same time a repetitive approach (isnt that control??), offering more complexity in the end spirit which then has the added benefit of interaction with wood during maturation.

What's not to like...we think its pretty sexy!

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